Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Mumble of the Beast

A scenario. I walk into church this evening sporting my XM-214 Microgun* shirt (has General Electric slogan and all that jazz) and get funky looks from everyone. Weird, fearful looks. So I want to know: would you be more worried about a guy with a shirt with a gun on it (which is fully in my Consitutional rights, no matter what the "intellectual" twits surmise) or a dude wearing a Budweiser cap? At least my favorite method of death kills quickly...not that its in question.

I just dont get it. Personal preference always seems to be a great thing when its NOT me. Of course, Im sure that all truly intelligent people who have acknowledged their self-awareness can make this statement too. Maybe the herd can smell the differentiation in pheromone production or something.

*The GE XM-214 Microgun was an attempt to shrink down the M-134 electric gatling gun (the standard minigun you see in movies, like Terminator, Predator, Black Hawk Down, so on) so it could become theoretically man-portable. Thats the problem in movies: All the miniguns used are always mounted on helicopters, since they take around 8 car batteries to power and even 1000 rounds of ammunition would be gone lickity-split (in 10 seconds of constant firing, to be exact--its one fast mother). Just thought you should know.


Blogger frustratedwriter said...

that is one reason I have missed reading your blog. glad you are back.

9:43 PM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

glad I have a fan that isnt locked in a cage or gnawing at restraints. Wait...maybe I catalog my family members in the wrong category...Thanks for the props!

10:30 PM  

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