Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New toy

Or at least new to my readership. A beautiful Taurus Tracker in .357 mag--truly, a delight to shoot. I took to the range a week after I got it and put 100 rounds of .357 and 50 rounds of .38 Special through it and I am extremely satisfied with its performance. For those who say that the .357 kicks too much, I saw pshaw. This thing is a breeze! My only complaint is the sights are a tad off and I wasnt really concentrating on accuracy the first time out. Next time, though, Ill float the sights and things will be peachy.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

You have enough weight on that pistol to smooth out the .357 when my Ruger Security Six is much lighter and kicks like a mule when cycling the .357 rounds. I have found the .38 Specials loaded to the top of the chart are more than stout enough to take down a whitetail. Nice acquisition though!

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