Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another nail in the coffin

...of originality. Im sure many of you have seen last year's blockbuster smash, The Island, directed by the lousy, meatheaded excuse for a human, Michael Bay, who has also poisoned the planet with crap like Armageddon, Bad Boys II, and other things that are worth a good shin-kicking. Can you tell I dont like him? Cause I dont. Back on topic! My sister suggested I watch it, and Ill give the movie the props that the plot is a serious mind-bender. But oh so familiar....OH YES!

Its a dead ripoff of the 70s movie Parts: The Clonus Horror, a movie I have seen "reviewed" by the hearty men of Mystery Science Theater:3000. I mean a DEAD ripoff. So close, in fact, that the director and owners of the rights to Parts are suing that dirty dog Michael Bay for plaigarism in over 90 cases throughout the two movies. Personally, I thought Parts wasnt a bad idea, it just had some issues. Michael Bay, on the other hand, has never, never, produced something I enjoy. Read an interview with him. The guy is a pompous meathead. I think he directed Pearl Harbor, too, which made me groan when Alec Baldwin (ALEC BALDWIN) portrayed the bold and inventive Colonel Doolittle. Please dont make me vomit. Or, if you insist, let me vomit on Michael Bay.

Im done.


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