Thursday, July 13, 2006

This calls for pirate radio!

My favorite rock station was bought out by a corporate entity recently and now sucks big time. Before, there tag line was all about how they werent corporate and how its better to be independent, and then they sold out. I mean, they REALLY suck. Its not ClearChannel, so they play the stuff that the ClearChannel station already wore out so its like the bad old days all over again.

It drives me crazy! Why keep playing Carry On Wayward Son when Kansas has tons of other great songs? Or Simple Kind of Man instead of Skynyrd's other greats? Dont they get tired of hearing it themselves, or am I the only one left who gets really tired of the same old crap? Guess so.

Which brings me to about six thousand other points, but Ill stick with one. Lately there has been an attack of new rock bands that all sound exactly the same with redundant, stupid lyrics and childish guitar riffs that a trained chimp named Rosie could master in 30 minutes. You go Rosie. Anyhoo, Im fairly sure the stations get a contract in advance to hype a song from a specific group regardless of how good it is. Like the Foo Fighters latest album--its a complete disappointment compared to all the great things theyve done before, but it gets run into the ground anyway. Constantly. It seems to me now (Im sliding into another point, sorry) that bands are getting the drift they dont have to try as hard anymore so they just put out crap that sells fast because people are stupid. Red Hot Chili Peppers last hit song sounded exactly the same as about 50 other songs that have come out lately, barely straying from the central chord established at the beginning of the song. Pearl Jam (not that I expect those tards to put out anything good now anyway) had a crap record come out a few months back that is so basic that the first time I heard it I thought it was some corny new band and didnt even recognize their previously distinctive guitar. GARRRR!

Just flip on the radio and listen to any new song...none in particular...and it is almost assuredly similar--strikingly similiar--to a song youve heard in the recent past. I cant almost guarantee it. Sad, aint it? Time for Jon's PIRATE RADIO! So...whats a ham radio? No one has told me yet.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

I listen to a great classic rock station that has a collection of more than just a few standards. They also have Bob and Tom in the morning which kicks the day off to a good start.

Sorry about your station going corp. Not sure what to do. Ham radios are for transmitting, not sending out tunes, although I guess you could do that but I would think the FCC would frown on it.

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