Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Dissection of the RPG-7

There has been ALOT of media coverage over the RPG-7 in the last 3 years. Being a man of hte people, I just feel the need to give yall the run down on this simple, yet effective, piece of Russian surplus crap--you know, in case youre going to the store and get jumped and have to know alot about RPGs. It Los Angeles. Anyway.
The RPG, designed by our Soviet pals 40 years ago, is the jihadist's next best friend (next to, of course, the AKM) and has been produced in every Soviet satellite nation EVER. RPG stands for Rocket Propelled Grenade--the actual projectile is two pieces, the warhead and the booster assembly which are assembled prior to firing (if you had the two together, you might trip and find yourself extra crispy). There are several types of ammunition, ranging from HEAT rounds (High Explosive, Anti-Tank) to anti-personnel, to your generic warhead, such as the one you see in the picture. Oddly enough, the generic, mass-produced high explosive warhead uses a piezo-electric fuse (piezoelectricity is the electricity drawn from crystals when compressed) which can be disabled by setting up a chain link fence. Get me? Chain link will stop an RPG half of the time--the round passed through the chain link and disables the fuse, so if it does hit you, itll just be fast moving club instead of an incinerating cone of gas like normal (cause thats what it is--superheated gas, not actually an explosion. It varies on the type of ammunition, of course).

The actual launcher has a crapload of warnings--dont stand and fire upwards unless standing on a rock six feet off the ground or youll incinerate your legs with the backblast; dont have anyone standing within 65 feet of the breach when you fire because the thing seriously has a lethal backblast that extends back that far. Dont stand by any walls, dont put the eyepiece close to your head or it will knock you out, make sure the booster is attached properly and the wax seal is not broken (or the booster will split and, well, blow you to little chunks). Neat, huh? Im amazed you dont hear lots and lots of reports of terrorists and insurgents blowing themselves (or their comrades) to bits trying to fire them in closed quarters. Luckily for us, the Russians made 9 million before production ceased, so the supplies are endless. I know what Im getting for Christmas!

And is anyone else wondering why a police officer is holding an RPG? Does he plan on using it on the crowd?


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

I think he is planning on doing some fishing with it.

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