Monday, October 29, 2007

Dove Hunting for the birds. My hunting buddy decided I wasnt quite Texan if I didnt go bird hunting (which he still calls me New Mexican to get my blood boiling). We headed out as early as possible for a perpetual drinker and night owl--8 AM--and he walked me through the sanctimonious process of shooting dove. Quick pointers from him, minus all the cussing:
  1. Doves fly erratically
  2. Lead slightly, but not too low
  3. Doves are visual animals, so some stalking is required
  4. shoot the suckers when they are sitting still, if possible

I came up with the last one. After 5o rounds from me, I managed to bag one. It was fun anyway. I have decided, however, that I dont like bird hunting. I love shooting shotguns, but wringing birds and cleaning them rubs me the wrong way. I'll stick with big game. Not saying I wouldnt go again, but next time I'll bring the KABAR for the dirty work.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

The key is to lead them about six inches and let them fly into the shot. I used to go all the time and my best day of hunting was during a 10 bird limit season when I nailed 10 birds with 12 shots. The old man that I used to go with would only take ten shells since he could only have ten birds. Needless to say, he was irritatingly accurate.

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