Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Farewell, sweet Enfield.

Unfortunately, I traded my Albion-manufactured Enfield No. 2 Mk 1** at the last gun show I went to in Dallas. My motivation was purely logistical (sp?)--I had just bought 2500 rounds of 7.62 Tokarev pistol ammo and no pistol to accompany it (it was a good deal, so sue me). I found a pleasant fellow gun nut who gave me what I paid for the Enfield so I could go and purchase an original CZ-52, the roller lock beauty made by the Czechs circa 1952. I regret trading it; it was a collectors piece, and I loved the break open action, and I intended to keep it (I had even put it away in storage) BUT finances being tight, I had to shirk a loved gun to replace it with another.

So farewell, sweet Albion, I hope your new owner appreciates your rugged historical quality as much as I did. Im sure he will, he was my kind of guy.


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