Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I havent worked a full day yet. Ive been working at UPS in the office for 5 days now, and so far I have yet to hit the 8 hour mark. I was told when I signed up that this department is racked with work and constant overtime (which is why I agreed and everyone else has turned it down), but I must have some magical effect on efficiency because so far, we've been getting off 4 hours early, 3 hours early, 1 hour early. The closest Ive gotten was 7, and that was yesterday. Of course, Im sure Ill be begging for a little off time in a few months, or namely in a week or two when the quarter ends and everything hits the fan. Not that Im complaining--Im making money, and theres a good chance that I wont get fired for no reason at all. God be praised, He delivered me a job when I was at my whits end.


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