Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Random Thoughts

Because thats what my brain consists of. Uh oh, I left a preposition at the end of a sentence! Shame on me!
  • It makes me sad that people are so consumed with scaremongering. Were not going to run out of oil soon. If we do, we'll find something else to use as fuel. Stop panicking, you tards! humanity ALWAYS finds another way!
  • I heard that the polar bears are drowning because the ice caps are melting. Are you kidding me? They swim for Pete's sake. Are they just so stupid that they randomly find themselves nowhere near an ice floe or land that they drown? Gimme a break.
  • I saw a preview for X-Men: The Last Stand. ARCHANGEL IS IN THIS ONE!! I swore I wouldnt get so excited about the new movie, but understand me and my brother read The Uncanny X-Men comics when we were younger. OOooh it looks cool! And Beast is in this one too! Maybe Gambit too!
  • I think Hollywood gets their jollies by making everyone feel like crap by parading "perfect" people (in looks only, and even that is a precarious statement) around. I think that might be a legitimate conspiracy: all the cosmetic and self-improvement companies are in league with Hollywood! We feel like crap, try to make ourselves un-crap, and BAM money for everyone but us. I smell a coverup.
  • I have to be at work at 8 in the morning tomorrow, or rather in a little over 7 hours. This is due to rampaging computer problems at UPS, meaning I sacrifice sleep for the greater good of shipping and Air Exports. sigh...
  • Anti-smoking campaigns are stupid. Ive decided that its nobody's FREAKIN business if I decide to kill myself slowly over a very, very long period. Now drinking can affect alot of people, and yet its not really regulated. Go figure. I guess that means the diehard smokers will roll over and die while the alcoholics will fight like mad for their booze. The American people are far, far too dependant now. Government should stay out of my business, period. End of statement. Freedom ends when the government begins. Quote me on that one.

And that picture is unrelated, but its my blog and I like the picture.


Blogger KillJoy said...

AMEN! WHY SHOULD I SPEND MY WHOLE PAYCHECK ON ONE PACK OF SMOKES?! Oh, yeah. Someone doesn't like the smell...I think we should regulate who gets to breathe...

3:12 PM  

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