Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fall to Pieces*

This has been a crazy week. I got a haircut which changes my view of life (nothing like a good shearin' to raise the spirits!), a new guy started a work so its been easier, Ive only gotten 23 hours because Dell is preparing for the EOQ next week (they're going to hammer us, so its the calm before the storm) and Dillweed at work is seemingly on the verge of mental collapse. I am kind of in a fix. Let me fill in the details.

Dillweed has me centered as his only good pal on the planet, which makes me feel like crap for avoiding him. Im serious, if he deserved my pity, it would be different and I would LIKE to help him, but he tries to force his woes on people and it just makes folks mad, because we all have problems enough without being burdened by complete strangers. The bigwigs sent him home Monday because he smelled so badly that it was disrupting work. Its not that he doesnt have available assets, he just doesnt bathe. So now hes been really subdued instead of obnoxiously outgoing; I suppose the sendhome made him think, and we figure hes really started hitting the booze and the weed because he has been in a constant stupor since the beginning of the week. My boss thinks this might be the beginning of the end for D, and I tend to agree at this point. He only talks to me now--like Im his liason (sp?). I need to do something, but Ive been a floormat to enough people with overwhelming personal problems that I dont want to willingly throw myself on the doortsep and invite guests without knowing its for the betterment of everyone. I just hope he doesnt decide to open fire without due warning.

*Velvet Revolver. great song.


Blogger Alisa said...

Dilweed is going to need professional help to straighten himself out, and unless your a counselor that specializes in substance abuse, I wouldn't recommend doing anything other than being kind to him when you do run into him.

I would think that your employer would have an EAP (employee assistance program). Most major corporations do. It's an anonymous 1-800 # that he can call and talk to someone about receiving professional help. Ask your manager or HR Rep if this is an option for him.

4:59 AM  
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