Saturday, November 17, 2007

A photographic testament

...and here is my 93 Honda Shadow VLX. The previous owner, an Okie deluxe, decided he would trash it up and make a track bike out of it. Note the rear of the frame has been bobbed in the first picture--also note how he left it open to rust and did not mention this when he sold it to me. Good job, Okie. Now all it needs is a carb rejet, the idle screws adjusted, a little fab work on the rear fender/clean up the bob, new headlight bulb, new seat cover....
Im up to it. Just a little...dismayed at my progress. I did actually ride it the other night, and I must say its freaking exhilirating. Unfortunately the carbs are running lean, so either I have a pinhole in the carb diaphragm or a air, exhaust or vaccuum leak, or...


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

somebody is slightly Can't wait to see a finished product!

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