Sunday, June 15, 2008

I lied

(Don McClean--Castles in the Air)
I havent gone to bed. Ive reached that marvelous plateau when sleep seems pointless and the second wind of insomnia takes wing. Besides, Ill just apnea myself through 9 hours of nonrestful snoozing anyway. So, another post of bunk....and throughout this post, I'll be inserting songs Im currently listening to.

Lubbock has a strange obsession with Buddy Holly. I understand that he came from here and that he pretty much inspired the proginators (I KNOW thats spelled wrong) of rock and roll, but Lubbock has alot more going for it than just being the Home of Buddy Holly. Several schools, including Texas Tech and my new digs Lubbock Christian, the vast, blue West Texas sky, lots of snotty young spoiled girls who give you funny looks...well, okay, not that one. Just figured Id through that one in for balance.
(Ministry--Just One Fix)

I really suck at saving money. Even when I dont have any money at all, I manage to spend some. Truly amazing. Of course, this is an offshoot of other self control issues I have, but I need to get my keister to an accounting class or something similar. Or marry a girl that has financial skills. Opposites attract and all that.

(IRON MAIDEN--Quest for Fire)
Speaking of Maiden, my dad, mom, brother, myself, and some other folks drove to Albuquerque the weekend I moved all my crap to Lubbock (long story--I was still in my apartment in Dallas for another week, but all my stuff was in my apartment in Lubbock. Serious hassle, but a necessary hurdle). Let me just say that Iron Maiden put on the best show in the history of mankind. They even put on a better show than Rush did last August, which is saying alot because Rush blew my socks off. The concert was totally worth the 8 hour round trip and week of crushing fatigue. Maiden doesnt come around every week, ya know.

(Kansas--Black Fathom 4)
My sister is 8 months pregnant and I cant wait to be an uncle. The kid is going to be completely spoiled (being the first grandchild on both sides of the family) but thats all good. Ive already laid claim to the Crazy Uncle title. They can come visit me in my concrete bunker in the depths of the Texas wilderness. Buwhwhahaha....

(Dream Theater--Raise the Knife)
and for the record, It hasnt taken me forever to write this. I just skip tracks alot--much to the chagrin of anyone that rides in my truck.


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I have a feeling it will be a very spoiled grandchild/niece.... and that is good!

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