Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A debate in my head

Okay, this ties in with V for Vendetta. In the theocracy in the movie, homosexuality is banned for obvious reasons. Now there is a scene (or a section) going over the life of a lesbian that is unoffensive but really, really made me think. Ive always felt homosexuality was just a sexual abnormality; it makes perfect sense physiologically that it would be. BUT my hangup is that Im sure there are homosexuals that love each other in the same manner any other monogamous heterosexual couple loves. Does that mean that Eros is just an extension of Agape, and that any friendship could descend into sexual activity? Is that what marriage is? Is that what partnership is? If thats so, how is homosexuality any different than heterosexuality?

I really want some input on this. I mean, flood the comment box.


Blogger Demosthenes said...

I think that Eros being an extension of Agape...I think you've just hit on Satan's favorite lie. And it's the lie most commonly believed by people.

This is what movies like Brokeback Mountain and others want you to believe - that it's "normal" - but I challenge you to locate for me even one homosexual who has been raised in a normal, healthy way. There is almost always some form of childhood trauma or dissociative relationship with one or both parents that probably encourage pre-dispositions.

This does not make it normal. Alcoholism is a genetic pre-disposition too, but I doubt there will be many people who feel like being an alcoholic should be the norm.

It's not the same and the Hollywood lie from Satan is that there is no difference between the two.

8:46 AM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

Thanks, Demo. Im not sure what I was thinking when I posted this--I already have all this information in my head that tells me Im wrong, but for some reason Hollywood managed to unseat my brain from its usual ruling place, which agitates me to no end. Still, Im rethinking how I view homosexuals. Trying to, anyway.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Demosthenes said...

Well that's not a bad thing. It's equally wrong to think of homosexuals as freaks or mutants or anything like that. They're seriosly no different than you or me. We all have our struggles. As you've doubtless seen on my blog, I think it's a sin to treat a homosexual any differently than I treat anyone else.

Besides, being homosexual is not a sin. ACTING on homosexual feelings is what makes it a sin. We all have sexual feelings of various kinds. It's what we do with those feelings that makes them right or wrong.

I'm guessing I am again not telling you anything you don't already realize. But it would be a terrible mistake I think to assume that all people with homosexual feelings are leading a swinger lifestyle. Some may be quietly dealing with their status in celebacy as are you and I in our heterosexuality. So what's so wrong about that?

2:24 PM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

true that.

10:33 PM  

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