Friday, April 07, 2006

Holy Mounted Microguns, Batman!

I really like my new job. I compiled a list in my head at work of the things I love so much about my new job.
  1. UPS has a union, therefore the workers arent crapped on. Im so sick of getting crapped on at jobs. But at UPS I DONT GET CRAPPED ON! HOORAY!
  2. I dont have a boss on night shift. I just do my thing, and no one complains cause I do my thing with immaculate precision. Most of the time.
  3. My co-workers are great.
  4. One of the guys said he liked my "Gun control means hitting your target" bumper sticker and started yakking about guns. Good times, good times.
  5. I get benefits after the 90 day limbo period.
  6. I dont have to be a morning person. Waking up at noon suits me so much better than waking up at six. I just dont do mornings. Im a bug in a rug!
  7. UPS is a certified company, meaning they dont make a habit of hiring illegal immigrants. Everyone speaks English!
  8. Stability.
  9. Did I mention I dont have a boss? HAHAHAHAHAH that makes everything worth it.
  10. I get my own desk...sort of. Ill get one later.

Anyway, I was field-stripping my stapler because we hit a slight slump and I decided to whip up this post. Then I forgot, and remembered at 2 in the morning. Dangit, I have to work tomorrow and be there at 9 but I cant go to sleep. Go figger!

That picture is of an XM-214 microgun that I mentioned in an earlier post (the one on the shirt). Notice the neato Six Pak symbol. Can I get a shirt with that on it too? Wowzers, helicopter-mounted munitions are great!


Blogger frustratedwriter said...

would that fit on my Cavalier?

6:21 AM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

you might need a European adapter...

10:32 PM  

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