Monday, May 22, 2006

Chronicle of Melancholy

Skip this post if you feel the need to keep your lunch.

Lately, as in the last 5 years, Ive had a hard time understanding the Church. By the church, I mean the Bride of Christ, not any specific denomination; of course, I only have close first-hand knowledge of my denomination so Ill run off of that. What I cant seem to get my head around is how the church can be so fantastic when it is just made up of people. Ive had it up to here with people, inside and out of the Body, so I guess thats where my hangup is. Dating women in the church is much more difficult than dating some random chick who doesnt care; mostly because when you find out that the womean is a complete skank (which there is a 90% chance of that nowawadays) the scab heals alot slower. While Im on the subject of women, Ill just change the direction of this post entirely.

I have a stigma against "damaged goods" women. What I mean by that is women who have carelessly thrown away their dignity for a one night stand, or some meathead's demands, or a number of other things that make me wretch that are too numerable to list. Im sure alot of people would say that Im far too strick in my selection process--to them, I say stick it. If I want social opinions from a genius, Id read Freud and have a good guffaw. Anyhooo, I just have this nagging feeling in my stomach that my constrictive view of courtship has deprived me of a lot of fun, or pleasure, or whatever it is that people derive from stupid meaningless relationships that go nowhere from the start. I know in my head that Im right, but Im not so convinced in my heart that I am. Its always a pleasure to explain to men (oh, how I use the term so lightly) back in my "home" town why I havent hitched my wagon to a pretty young mare yet. Well, to tell the truth, its because all the mares are mounted. Biyam, theres my running social commentary for today.

Its odd how that analogy makes me feel so utterly free of ineptness.


Blogger Demosthenes said...

Hmm, good points. In fact, if I were giving posts of the week, I'd definitely give it to this one.

It's something I have definitely thought a lot about and am still not 100 percent sure on as far as dating what you call "damaged goods".

Part of me agrees with you whole-heartedly. I mean you should definitely not settle for anything. Them's the stuff of divorces right thar.

However, can you honestly not claim to be "damaged" in your own right? Obviously you are a virgin and I am too and we should be proud of that. But I hardly think that makes us pure individuals. And in my own way and from my past experiences I would DEFINITELY consider myself emotionally damaged goods.

The great thing about Christ is his healing power. I don't mean to get cheesy on you and tell you stuff I know you've heard since you were born, but in the realm of dating, I think I have just now (while typing) realized that if someone has been made whole by Christ, then I have no right to call them "damaged".

But I DO agree that you should not settle for anything just because you are afraid of ending up alone.

11:15 AM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

thanks for the post, Demo. I see your point, but I think what I really meant to say was its hard to find a woman who is Christ-centered in the first place. If you can get that, I heartily believe the little things will fall in line nicely.

10:54 PM  

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