Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Razr worries

I ordered my new phone and plan from Cingular last week--a black Razr with their basic plan, and Im super-stoked about it. It was delivered early today, but it arrive 20 minutes after I left for work. My roommate gets to the apt. an hour after I leave, so I called to ask him about it. He hadnt seen it.

Im not worried. I looked up the order number on the UPS site and it says it was delivered to an office, so its probably the apt. office. Im not worried. Nope, not worrying right now....

Geez, I hope someone didnt jack my phone!


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

hmm, you still have your 9mm, right? You can get it back... ha! Mine is silver, I do like the black ones though... hate the pink ones, egad, such blatant blasphemy. I hope you find it soon, you'll love it.

5:07 AM  

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