Thursday, July 06, 2006

Im not done ranting yet. Make Poverty History is alot of bunk. What good are they really doing? What does donating money without widespread action ever do anything? Look at the people who donated to it last time! The Arms Reduction Coalition?! What does that have to do with reducing poverty? Or is it just that the same group of organizations are always in bed together, since they are all buddy-buddy with the UN, the most gut-useless, corrupt organization on the planet? If you want to put a dent in poverty then volunteer at a soup kitchen! Get your hands dirty! We have this entire mentality that enough money will fix all our problems--instant weight loss, instant AIDS cure, instant poverty dissipation? Has anyone considered that it is an overwhelming social problem? Just read this, a quote from their site:

This injustice will only be changed if enough citizens across the world call on rich country governments to change their trade policies, for example at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).
We need to stop people's lives being destroyed because of unfair trade laws -
UNFAIR TRADE LAWS?! Try genocide in Africa causing poverty! Try vast amounts of people being displaced because of insurrection in all over the continent! Try ignorance on behalf of the Chinese! Who do you think the donated money will reach? The governments! Not the people! For the love of God Almighty, how do they not get the point?! Even that pinhead Bono gets it:
Have all the concerts you want. Throw a big party celebrating fair trade that will end poverty (HOLY CRAP).
I just have one rhetorical question for them to answer: Would fair trade end the starvation of the people of Somalia when Aidid was holding the food? GREAT idea. Fair trade! That has the be the stupidest notion Ive heard in the last 6 months (I cant say ever, Howard Dean keeps opening his mouth).


Blogger Alisa said...

We're not hurting the starving people of other countries when we refuse to send food to their leader and his militia/military that will not be disbursed to the actual citizens of that "nation".

What DO these countries have to trade with us anyway? Refugees? Your country has to produce something to trade in order for trade to be fair.

What we need to do is to send the military in, squash them, and then we can provide the people with supplies. The only way we know it's making it to them right now is if we're the ones directly placing it in their hands.

4:46 AM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

Hoorah! Crush the puny power players and rectify the situation militarily, which is frankly the only way how to settle these matters.

11:55 AM  

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