Wednesday, August 02, 2006

For the first time in two years, I am on the brink of entering college (....again). Brando and I went to the local college here to apply for fall classes and I realized that I needed to check with Oklahoma Christian to see if my transcript request went through. Ive sent three. I call up the registrar, ask about my transcript, and get the response:

"We have no record of a transcript request."

IM GOING TO DRIVE UP TO OKLAHOMA AND GO BALLISTIC! Ive sent THREE! Thats more braincells than the entire state of Oklahoma combined can come up with to get me my FREAKIN TRANSCRIPT!

So I decided Ill forget I ever went there (a wise choice) and start over as a basic freshman. I was little worried--namely, I havent been in school in two years and yada yada--and Brando pointed out that we were by far the biggest guys we saw on the campus, three years older than the freshmen, have more experience, more facial hair, more brains, and more guns. Nothing to worry about. hyuk hyuk.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

If nothing else, ACU excels in transcript requests. I've always called and had them in sealed envelopes to my P.O. Box in a day or two. Go and kick some Okie butt!

9:06 AM  

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