Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Landmine has taken my arms, taken my legs...

I got my new phone before I headed to work today (went in early, stayed for twelve hours...end of quarter, you see) and I didnt get to play with it until about 5 o'clock cause we were so busy. I finally spent a little time in the fiddlin' process and downloaded two ringtones to try them out. BOY HOWDY, this phone rocks! I bought Tom Sawyer (Rush) and One (Metallica) and I test-played One and it knocked my socks off. Metallica?! On my phone?! Sign me up!

Razrs are great. Ive been wanting a nice flip phone for a long while now, and finally I have one. Im giddy like a school boy! I dub my new phone..."pimp".


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

congrats! they totally rock!

4:53 AM  
Blogger bdfytoday said...

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4:21 PM  

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