Saturday, April 08, 2006

Memories of a time long past

Im going to write the songs Im listening to as I post--(Deep Purple, Woman from Tokyo)

I miss my old truck. My first vehicle was a '90 single cab long bed Chevy Silverado with an excess of muscle and really loud straight pipes. Ah, she was a masculine dream, a metallic maroon monster sent from Heaven to help me cope with the overwhelming idiocy of colloquial New Mexico life. It was fast, had a lovely low rumble, hauled whatever I put in it (which was quite alot, my dad commandeered it quite often for home usage), and had a bench seat. Air conditioning? Who needs it? Ive got power windows!
(Judas Priest, Breaking the Law)
Im not sure what made me think of that truck. I had it for a year and a half, and I remember I sold it to an elderly Mexican gentleman who needed a reliable vehicle to haul equipment with, and my baby could take whatever he threw at her. I almost cried when I sold it, but I felt it was necessary since I was going to school two states away. I replaced it with a '95 Z71 my uncle Tim owned that my grandfather gave me for a super price as a graduation present. Unfortunately, it got 9 miles to the gallon and had a ruined transmission. Im sure alot of that had to do with the way Timbo drove that truck (like a bat out of hell, which made me happy when I was riding with him), and I had to sell it also. It wouldve cost me more to fix it up to reliable standards than it wouldve to buy a new one, which was what I did.
(BB King, Get Off My Back Woman)
I bought a white 2000 Chevy Silverado, which Ive put 30k miles on since August of 2004. Its a good truck, but I feel Ive overextended myself. I suppose its a little guilt problem; I look back at what my parents drove at my age and feel a little pang, like I shouldnt be doing better. They seemed perfectly content with what they had, but then again it might just be the taint of memory that makes it seem so rosy. I guess thats what you call progress, me having a nice vehicle.
(Theory of a Dead Man, No Surprise)
I just have this sneaking compulsion to sell my truck and get an older one I can afford and blow all my money on. Like getting Flowmasters and that kind of thing. Its also a little nostalgia butting its way in, and I wonder if it would be as satisifying as it seems (which I truly doubt), but Ive rambled enough for now and feel content that I can stop this post. Thanks for listening to my expulsion.


Blogger frustratedwriter said...

my first vehicle was '63 GMC truck, four on the floor, would take on anything tossed at it. I miss that truck too. It got about 10 miles to the gallon but man, the gas to run it was a minimal expense compared to the joy it brought me. dream on, man, dream on!

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