Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Breakin the Chay-ins Around You

Sooo my plans for Memorial Day have fallen through. I guess that translates to me sitting on my duff watching History Channel. I originally intended to meet the rest of my family in Arizona for a huge shindig because its my grandparents 50th anniversary, but it is entirely stupid to fly out for 400 bucks, then drive 4 1/2 hours, then stay for 20 hours, then drive another 4 1/2 and fly again. Doesnt make sense. Dangit. Ive been looking forward to this for 3 months and now...but enough of my whining.

I really dont have anything to blog about except work, so hey, Ill do that! The girl that has taken my place at the grand ol' scanning station is apparently incapable of work, constantly complaining about how its too much work, wah wah wah. When I was doing it, I was doing the jobs of three people (no joke folks) and still managing to leave at the same time as the night agents (which I am now...a night agent...). Its sort of aggravating, but I usually just do it for her cause I need the hours. I generally avoid bragging, but I have to toss this in here: it turns out Im the fastest scanner and breaker-downer that UPS has seen in about 10 years. Biyam! I can also crank of shipments as an Agent almost as fast as the guy that has been there for 2 1/2 years and we have a pleasant, albeit verbally violent, competition nightly so we can maintain sanity.

I enjoy my new title immensely. It has alot of gusto to it and makes me sound alot more important than I am. "Dell Air Export Agent Jon Young (which, consequently, is my name, which heretofore has never been stated on this blog or its now defunct predecessor)".

I think Im done now.


Blogger Demosthenes said...

Yeah I already knew your name. Don't mean to burst your bubble or anything. :)

8:19 AM  

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