Monday, May 22, 2006

Im in a really lecture-y mood tonight. Not sure why. My boss was wailing about how the bird flu is going to kill us all the other night and ever since Ive had this nagging need to scream and throw things at muck rakers and potstirrers. Here we go!

If you just casually scroll around the internet forums, youll find all sorts of fruitcakes. In one (it was a forum, or thread, about the band Rammstein, an almost assuredly fascist-supporting Aryan kind of German band) there were all manner of children and younger adults (loose term, now) from other countries saying how utterly militaristic the US is, how we need to stop spilling blood and conquering the world. So, let me address the issue to those of the human race who cant shut up and get the point.

the United States is no longer (we were at one time, but on a small scale--Manifest Destiny, remember?) imperalistic. if we were, we wouldve kept Japan, Germany, Kuwait, Iraq (after the first time), Tripoli, France, Italy, Morocco, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, South Korea, and many other places where we have intervened to keep some serious bloodsuckers from further raping the general populace. I find it deeply offensive not only to me as an American, but as an amateur historian. Any gorilla with a semi-developed brain can figure out without American action in Germany, France, Poland, and most of Europe would be chomping wurst and kraut and goosestepping the night away. I suppose its just my globally idiotic generation, but I just cant get my head around the idea that with unlimited information (for it is nearly unlimited--with the internet, if you want to know about it, its at your finger tips) kids can be so terribly uninformed. Its a blight, an unsatiable virus apparently, that strikes the young and voids their brains of neural patterns. Get a history book, you raving meatheads! For the LOVE!

I guess I shouldve put it together by now that common sense is such a valuable commodity that it should be stored in glass jars in basements for when the Reich of Amerika starts the Big One, dropping bombs (another fallacy--we have ICBMs, close contact through airdrop is unneccessary--we'll callously fry you from the comfort of our overindulgent homes!) and generally jacking the planet up more than the SUVs and firearm emissions already have. Have a nice evening, hippies. Smoke the peace pipe and dream of free love, whilst I dream of free ammunition and Calicos. God Bless America...for those who havent written him off to "destruction by science" yet.


Blogger rambouillet said...

I love your posts. I always feel stupid though and am unsure of what to say... but I read them all the time. You're fabulous!

6:12 AM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

Thanks, I guess. I was just in a really poetic mood, the kind that is always useful for writing term papers.

10:24 AM  

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