Monday, May 29, 2006

Pick up your shovel and walk to the mine

Huzzah! Tomorrow is more worky! Im emotionless right now. I cant figure out how i should feel at this particular moment in time. I feel a nagging longing since every member, excluding maybe one or two (myself being either or) is at my grandparents 50th anniversary bash in Arizona while I sit on the floor playing System Shock 2 (a marvelous classic) and listening to a pathetic mix of Enya and Iron Maiden. Its weird going from Carribean Blue to Dream of Mirrors.

I also keep feeling dread at having to call the management to fix the, well, everything in the apartment. This isnt exactly an ideal way to meet our new upstairs neighbors.

And then theres work...
and then theres miscellaneous religion problems...
and more religion problems...

and so on. Maybe if I start listening to a mix of Static X and Moody Blues.


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