Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wish I was in Arizona

I remember this commercial where a guy was surfing the internet and reached the end of it. I feel like that now. Ive downloaded 20 gigs of Mystery Science Theater and I cant think of anything else to download. The problem is this connection is so obnoxiously FAST that I cant use up all my bandwidth. I downloaded a crapload of songs, but to no avail. 700 megs in 30 minutes. Thats just stupid fast. Anyhoo....

Now for the drifting portion of the post that is integral to my blog--I have a coworker named Simon Templar (not seriously, have to save face and all that). Templar enjoys hitting the bottle a tad bit too much. I suspect this is because he has had some problems coping with cynicism. Not that anything terribly bad has happened to him that I can tell, just the little junk that bogs everyone down. He just has a problem with his outlook. Im fairly sure if he would just be a little more optimistic he wouldnt be such a downer. Just a thought.

Heres another thought that bothers me unceasingly: Ive noticed at work that whenever someone is out of the room everyone talks as much trash as possible about that person before they get back. Im sure they do that about me, but I really dont give them a reason to. I work hard and fast, stay on everyones good side, dont whine or peg people in the head with bean bags (another story)....but Im sure they still do it. It doesnt really bother me. Never has, I just needed to write to down, kind of like transfering a message so you dont have to carry it anymore. Hope everyone has a dandy Friday.


Blogger Alisa said...

I think that's how it is at most places, unfortunately.

I bet they don't have anything bad to say about you. :)

11:05 AM  

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