Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Set up a defensive perimeter!


1500 hours: Was forced to leave warzone for work. Called Brando at approximately 17:30 hours recommending a call to management for water damage repair and extermination. Water damage repair guy coming tomorrow at 1600. As for extermination...

My pappy always said, if you want something done, do it yourself. So, for the paltry sum of $13 US dollars, I dashed to Wal-Mart and tanked up on roach foggers and this Raid Max stuff you spray on the floor as a perimeter that kills them if they cross it for 6 months. After all, the best way to repel an invasion is to carpet bomb and set up a perimeter. Or is that START an invasion? No matter...

Thanks for all the encouragement (sniff) its been a tough few days, what with the heavy enemy casualties taking a toll on my soul. Oh crap, I just remembered every crunchy roach death is music to my enbattled ears! This Saturday, Brando and I commence Operation Overkill, involving lots of those fogbomb things. I dont care if roaches can survive for millions of years, they can survive human technological advancement! Three cheers for insecticide!


Blogger Alisa said...

That was hysterical. (not the roach problem, but you're description of your plan of attack)

Thanks for the laugh!

3:38 PM  

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