Thursday, June 22, 2006

It sure is nice being able to pay the bills. Its such a change just having a little money in the bank. Im lovin' it.

This weekend is UPS' softball tournament. All the branches of the office have been split up into volunteer teams (there are 500 people in the facility, so there are plenty of players). The guys in my department have been psyching themselves out for the last two weeks, but we have to work on Saturday so my co-worker and I will probably have to sit out. Not that I dont support Air Export (my department), but I think the money is on the Warehouse boys. Thats where the muscle is; I guess me working in warehouses the last year has made me a little biased. Theyre gonna smear those paper-pushers!

Also, a big shout out to my brother Killjoy (link is on the side) because today (errr, yesterday, I keep forgetting the whole early morning thing) is 22 today! 22 on the 22nd...go fig. Happy Birthday Bro!


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

i played on a softball team one summer and realized the pencil pushers were the worst competitors as everyone one of them could park the ball. don't sell your department short...

happy bday to killjoy

4:23 AM  

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