Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tomorrow's gonna hurt*

I went to P-crest last night (the church I used to go to) and saw a girl I knew fairly well. I suppose we were friends or something like it; It got me wondering if Im the only human left in America who puts proper emphasis on friends. I have about 3 friends. Everyone else I know is just a person I know moderately well. I wonder if she considered me a true friend or what? I got a sidelong glance, but I dont think she realized I saw it. Im all about subtle inference, you know.

Now to things of real importance: the K-31 stock is all stained, I just need to touch it up in a few places and polyurethane the whole thing. Its gonna look mighty spiffy.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

girls vs. guns. well you can depend on the gun...

4:26 AM  

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