Saturday, June 10, 2006

After two years of economic celibacy, I finally have purchased another gun. Today was Dallas' big gun show, and Brando and I had extra money (for my parents: yes, I was wise in my purchase, and the bills are paid) so Brando bought a Spanish Mauser K98 (what the Germans used in WW2; its the finest bolt action rifle design ever) and I bought a Schmidt-Rubin K31, pictured above. The trick to buying surplus military firearms is finding the ones that are generally overlooked: As long as the barrel is unmarred, everything else is fixable. Mine was in decent condition (the barrel was immaculate--its been in storage since the 50s, like most old military bolts) so after a quick degreasing with Hoppes, I bought some mineral spirits and soaked the stock and scrubbed the packing grease and other junk off. Now, it looks pretty durn good! I plan on sanding it down and maybe bluing a few parts--Ill post a picture once I get it in mahvelous condition. Shouldnt be too long.

As a side note: the great things about these old military guns is:
  1. They usually run for under 200 dollars
  2. They are sold like any other gun, without federal restriction
  3. They are utterly accurate by their very nature, making them great hunting rifles

So, why pay 700 for a new Remington when I can spruce up my K31 to the same standards for hundreds less?


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

hmm, I've owned a few military rifles and yes, they are very accurate and reliable, but heavy. I did love the 1917 Eddystone 30.06 and the M1 Garand, but still, my Remington 7mm Mag is too sweet to give up. Good purchase, enjoy!

5:04 AM  
Blogger Demosthenes said...

Hmm, sadly this is one area that we don't really have much in common. Not to worry. I am not anti-gun. I believe 100 percent in your right to buy guns just as much as I believe 100 percent in my right not to. :) Glad you like it though.

12:26 PM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

Writer--if I had enough cash for a Remington 7mm mag, believe me, I would have one. Actually, there are about 20 guns on my wish list above a 7mm mag, get the point.

Demo--HOORAY! Thats all I ask--is understanding. Of course, I give free course in firearm knowledge. FREE I TELL YOU!

11:10 PM  
Blogger Rainman said...

Sweet looking K-31.
I have a small collection of WWII bolt actions. A nice German K-98 (dont know the year), a WWII 1943 Enfield MK4, a Remington made, Springfield 03-A3 in pristine shape and as of last night a very nice Springfield 1943 M1 Garand. I think I have less than 300 in both the Enfield and the K-98 combined.

10:10 AM  

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