Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Plenty of Cash and Baggage

Johnny Cash, that is. I got on a Cash kick yesterday and dowloaded a bunch of his stuff. At work, we somehow got talking about Johnny Cash and high school--another guy that works there, A, graduated in 2004 like me. Our high school differences were very...very...very different. It just makes me realize I got gipped in high school. Im the youngest in the family, so by the time it got down to me it was more a sigh of relief than a burst of joy (its not a complaint, its actually really funny) but the big thing about Artesia that really irks me was that there were no DATEABLE WOMEN! AT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Brandon, my roommate, graduated with me, and might has well be my twin. We were talking about how we just missed the boat on dating. Completely. We're almost 21 and have not had a SINGLE FREAKIN DATE BETWEEN US BECAUSE OF NEW MEXICO! I can say lots of things about why I cant stand Artesia, but it all is summed up in that statement. Its not like you can make up for it--its 100% sure, unless i date a psychopath or homeschooled looney with a dogface, that all the women our age have lapped us in experience. It pisses me off. REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD! I mean, its not like we werent looking! They all were just ugly, or complete white trash, or ugly complete white trash, or skanky ugly complete white trash...see a pattern? Then, inevitably, my thoughts lead back to..

"If only we'd stayed in Texas, life would be so much better. I wouldve kept losing weight (cause I was when we moved, then gained it back in a month out of depression) and life would be happy and joyous and we wouldve pranced in the lillies singing happy hippy songs..."

But I dont believe that. Im glad we moved, I really am. It was a learning experience. Im a well balanced person now--and I wouldve never found my good friends or my love of guns, or my love of hunting. Go figure. Am I done? I guess.

That picture is my family now. Im the big dope standing in back. I cant help but wonder what we would be like if we'd have stayed in Texas. Oh well. I probably wouldnt be the same, and the imaginary me would get his face beat in by the current me for not being a super duper guy like the now me is. Stupid imaginary me.


Blogger Demosthenes said...

Um not to one up you or anything, but I have this same conversation with myself only stead of "New Mexico" insert "ANOTHER FREAKING COUNTRY - the Czech Rep" in it's place. Yeah I would've liked to move to NM when I was 12 over the CZ any day.

10:09 AM  
Blogger Alisa said...

I hate it when my past self collides with the past self I would have been and then they mutate into the current self trying to figure out the future self.

Too many selfs. They all need to shut up in head so I can hear myself.

4:26 PM  

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