Monday, August 07, 2006

Advertising for Absurdity

Im going to try a new idea on my site--once in a while, Ill analyze a particularly insipid commercial and give a little review. Here goes the first:

I keep seeing this Nissan Maxima commercial where its an immaculately maintained couple cruising down an obnoxiously clean city street and the woman is rouging her lips--or at least preparing to. She pauses, waiting for the car to shift up a gear so she wont smudge her makeup from the "shift shock". She waits, and waits, and the guy looks smug, then starts making "vrrooom" noises like a racecar shifting. It then ends and says that there is no shift shock in the new Maxima, a good thing for all its rouging inhabitants. Two main complaints:

  1. The engine sound belongs to a monstrously well-tuned high end V6 and not a stock Maxima. Typical car commercial.
  2. The car never actually shifts in the commercial! You can hear the engine distinctly--it just keeps increasing in RPMs, like the dope has it stuck in first gear. He just makes the noise and its inferred that its shifting and you just cant see it...but the engine noise is still there, loud as can be, in the background.

I wonder if the creators of this ad know about this. Maybe its a joke.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

i've wondered about this commercial too... thought maybe their budget ran out before the rewrite...

7:04 AM  

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