Monday, August 07, 2006

In trutina*

In Valley Ranch. Apparently, the 24 hour gym that my apartment complex provides isnt open 24 hours. Also apparently, Im the only sole awake at these hours. Also also apparently--and quite disturbing--people from Artesia, that insipid whole in the earth where death resides--have chosen to take up residence in the very apartments where I live.

Oh, cruel fate. FIND SOME OTHER PLACE TO LIVE!!!!!

I mean, come ON, I left there to avoid them, and yet, here they are, stalking about at my door, waiting to ambush me and drag me back into the infernal backwood abyss of New Mexico (not really, but its late and Im feeling corny. So corny, in fact, Im downloading Slim Whitman.)

*Carl Orff. Look up the words for a rough translation. Hands down, my favorite musical overture ever. Who can beat O Fortuna, Imperatrix Mundi?


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