Monday, September 11, 2006

When in doubt, empty the mag

  • My Biology teacher is really cool, in sharp comparison to my Sociology teacher. Funny how intellectuals are often the stupidest.
  • Did I mention my raise didnt go through? Im really pissed about it. It trashes about 6 months of my long term financial planning.
  • People that believe CNN need to be shot. If you think Im joking, pay me a visit. Bush hates black people? OKAY! Bush creates hurricanes? OKAY! Bush bombed Iraq because hes actually a demon that feeds on oil? OKAY!
  • I dont believe in people. I think that directly interferes my ability to believe in God. Im sure all the agnostics will nod, but thats not what I mean, so philisophize (is that a word?) some place else.
  • I think that dillweed guy I work with is a deeply disturbed individual. I often notice that he isnt working, just sitting there staring at my reflection in the glass window by my desk. If he keeps staring I may shoot him. Its a serial killer stare. If hes going to try to kill me, I wish he would DO SO ALREADY so I can kill him back. It would make me and everyone else feel much better about UPS productivity.
  • I keep telling myself that in a year or two, things will get better and there will be a reason for my pitiful existence, but the more I go about my paltry business, the more I know Im lying.
  • I should sell my truck and get something that will break even so I dont have to pay loan payments anymore, but that would be a step down. Isnt digression a bad thing? I hate keeping up with the Joneses. Is there a Joneses boxing match I cam compete in instead?
  • I dread family get togethers. It has nothing to do with my family. Or maybe it does. Whatever.
  • I find myself pondering where I would hit Howard Dean if I met him. In the head? Too obvious. Groin? Too comical. Stomach? We might have a winner...but about that groin, again...
  • Iron Maiden put out a new album. Its actually their best in the last few albums.
  • Clipping fingernails has always seemed like a serious chore to me. Why wont they just stay clipped?

Im tired. College is bunk. Work is bunk. Im surrounded by idiots who dont know they are surrounded by bunk while I myself KNOW Im surrounded by bunk and cant do anything about it.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

not sure how to take this post but will admit it gave me a chuckle. as for family gatherings I find they can be fun and sometimes painful. Sounds like we need to go and do some target practice.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Demosthenes said...

Oh man you both are going to LOVE the parent I had to deal with the other day who informed me that it is WRONG for me to take the youth group to play paintball because it involves "guns and shooting your fellow Christians". I told her that I understood her viewpoint (ok fine I lied so sue me) and that I respected the fact that she just would not let her kid participate (even though by her own admission he wants to). But she did not seem content to leave it at her personal choice. She was quite firm that this is a youth activity that SHOULD NOT be done. I talked to my elders and they said they have no problem with it and I should go ahead and do what I want with paitball.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm suddenly feelin like shooting some fellow Christians! haha j/k.

2:40 PM  
Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

Writer, Ive just had a tough time lately with stuff. I shot a squirrel and felt better, now I just need a little Beretta time.

Demo--You shouldve shot her in the leg with a paintball for a lesson. She'd figure it out. Or not. Who cares? its just a game!

2:18 AM  

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