Thursday, September 07, 2006

Ten Things Everyone Needs to Do

  1. Get a hold of some Dublin Dr. Pepper. Its wonderful. Its the oldest DP bottling plant in the world and the DP there is made with pure cane sugar. MARVELOUS.
  2. Fire a shotgun. Like my uncle Tim told me once, "its better than sex!"
  3. Have a good laugh at the two party system. Then get a new one that doesnt suck.
  4. Live in the depths of poverty for a week.
  5. Live in the lap of luxury for a week.
  6. Eat their peas and spinach.
  7. Drive a motorcycle. Its the epitome of freedom; its so much more exhilirating than a car!
  8. Start a blog! Then delete it! Then start it again!
  9. Smoke a La Gloria Cubana cigar. As soon as they life the *%#$& ban on Cuban products...anyhoo, Castro used slash and burn harvesting on his tobacco crop so I hear their cigars are worthless now. But I would try one anyway.
  10. Hit a politician in the stomach. Maybe, all together, we can knock the hot air out of em.


Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

I've had three cuban cigars, very smooth, very nice. hope you get to try one!

5:04 AM  

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