Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Intestinal Fortitude abounds

Or maybe not intestinal. Ive decided, along with my better judgment, to wait a year to buy a motorcycle. First off, I cant afford it, and secondly, it would be stupid financially in the long run, so Ill wait. Just a year....

Tomorrow I have to face my tard of a professor. Im sure he'll open the lecture telling us how Bush is such a knuckle-dragger with no intelligence but has still managed to alter the course of human history with his cyclotronic brain. Make up your mind, tard. Must set my sights on the goal: the gun show and my parents in town all on the same weekend! September 22! Im SO buying myself something pretty! We'll watch a little high school football (at Texas Stadium to boot) eat some good food, and maybe I can dupe my mom into buying me a pistol (just kidding--its not as satisfying if my name's not on it).


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