Monday, April 24, 2006

Marvel at its Mechanical Superiority!

Bush is getting on my bad side. Ive supported him pretty much all through his administration, but I completely, whole-heartedly disagree with him on immigration. We DONT need a worker program. He was doing okay till he started trying to satisfy the screaming, bloodthristy left, which he will never, ever, ever have any weight with. So very aggravating! I know Bush is aware of how bad the illegal immigration has gotten--he was the Governor of Texas, for crying out loud! Arg!

I had an entire post written up last night and it didnt upload and I guess Blogger trashed it. I cant even remember what I posted about. Ah well, guess it happens. Anyway, back to things of REAL importance: what kind of pistol am I getting when I turn 21? Ive been mulling over the 44 Mag idea proposed by Writer, then I had a counter-proposal: what about a .41 Mag? I bet the ballistics are decent and suitable enough for my current needs. I might just settle (I say settle...) for a .357 so I can have .38s too. Then again, I might just go for the PLR-16...a .223 pistol is mighty tempting. Dang! Can I have a poll? That picture is of a PLR all schnazzed out in "tactical" bunk. The sling would be useful, though. and the rail. The scope...okay, Im getting carried away. Iron sights suit me. Also, I think I would have to get the forearm. Last time I fired a .223 pistol I just about grabbed the barrel (since there isnt anything else to grab except the magazine and the mag well, and grabbing the magazine jacks the feed up). Ive descended into rambling, so I apologize. I just like talking about guns. My dad called me (and my brother, it was an argument over the M1 Garand) and I enjoyed sorting it out very much. Whats the point in the know-how if you dont use it, eh?


Blogger frustratedwriter said...

The .41 mag is on my list of pistols to have. It is harder to come by and ammo is expensive. The .44 mag does shoot .44 specials... but the .357 and .38's are cheaper to shoot. What to do, what to do. I personally love the .44 mag...

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Blogger GreatBeefalo said...

Yeah, I assumed the .41s would be steeper, but I think Ive decided on a .357 for now. Then again, my birthday is 7 months away, so Ive got plenty of time to flip-flop.

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