Sunday, April 23, 2006

Seems to me the whole human race has emotional cyles as a collective. When Im pissed, it seems the whole planet is; not just people around me, people on the news, on the internet...Maybe Im just overly empathetic (I scoff at myself).

I really want to blog but I really DONT want to blog about politics. I hate politics and everyone involved with them. In avoidance of the topic, Ill blarb about stuff. MI-3 is coming out. Whos brilliant idea was it to make a third? In 5 more years, theyll probably make a fourth, if Tom's arthritis isnt too bad. I wonder who the hapless nimrod in this one will be...he has to save SOMEONE, right? I bet its L Ron Hubbard. Hes coming back, you know. Uh, sometime. Or later. See, hes just like that. Good ol' Ronny! Those pedophilia rumors were just hooey anyway!

So now that I have an apartment, I get the mandatory lecture from everyone within 600 yards about how I should handle my money. Apparently, rent removes both cash and brains. Please, everyone post and remind me I should save money and split bills and not blow all my cash on frivolous things, because by golly, I was born 8 hours ago.

I went to church tonight, and like every other time I attend this particular church, I walked away mad. Why? Because instead of having walls built from anger over past resentments, or skin color, or brain power--this church has built all their walls about money. I loathe money. I loathe people who worship money. Honestly. Root of evil, for sure. Wont go into details.
Well, in point of fact, I loathe just about the whole human race.

In other news, I found my long-lost Godsmack acoustic album and that makes me happy all over. Ive also discovered that I can listen to audiobooks at work while the mundane hours of my existence tick by with a number attached. So far I toasted off Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card, and this week I have The Old Man and the Sea (you should know who wrote this anyway), The Sigma Protocol by Robert Ludlum, and War of the Worlds by Wells. Dandy fun time has begun.


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