Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Im pretty fed up with all this pro-immigration bunk. pro-immigration is just a misconstrued tagline used by the media to sway the voting public (those of us that can and do vote). Everyone (excluding some radical whacko groups) is in favor of immigration, because a majority of Americans, probably 75%, are descendants of immigrants. To assume that Congress, or Bush more pointedly, is conspiring against IMMIGRANTS is the stupidest concept Ive ever heard of. It is appalling that people fall for crap like this!
We are talking about ILLEGAL immigrants, you know? The ones that come across the border and have illegimate chiildren to assure their citizenship, then dont pay taxes, or social security, or pay homage to our great country. Boy, I wish I could get away with skipping out on taxes and still get to enjoy roads, schools, parks, buildings, and so many other things paid for by tax dollars!

Half a million people showed up here in Dallas last Saturday to protest "anti-immigration". I can think of some fine examples of anti-immigration and anti-assimilation...like Stalin, with his Purges. The Kurds. The butchery of the Tootsis in Africa. Now, lets focus on Stalinist Russia and what it stood for: tyranny and suppression of free thought, speech, religion, and all the other things the tards in this country take for granted every day. Now, lets look ahead to the next great "pro-immigration" march in our nation: The march on May 1st, organized nationwide, by a group called ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racisim..a rather lofty goal, I would say...why not just summon some magic ponies to help you?) I shamefully post their link so you can see their convoluted crap for yourself http://www.answerla.org/. Now...lets think...a group called ANSWER supporting a march on May the 1st, MAY DAY, the Soviet holiday where the grand Red army paraded their ICBMs in Red Square to the whole world to show their great might to crush the Western pigs. ANSWER Is a SOCIALIST GROUP NOT INTERESTED IN IMMIGRATION! Their motives are utterly transparent! Do they care about any of these issues? Absolutely not! If they had their way, their wouldnt BE an America because they view the US as a great, tyrannical war machine snuffing out freedom and peace-loving nations and peoples all across the globe!

I might hurl. Just read the crap on that site. Illegal immigrants are not blacks getting hosed in the streets in Montgomery. Blacks had a right to protest, no question about it. Illegal immigrants do not. We granted amnesty once in 1986 and the problem only worstened. Lets see what magic our great lawmakers can make for us next...


Blogger Christopher King said...

Some Irish guys and a black-Native American guy talk about immigration



3:05 AM  
Blogger frustratedwriter said...

I don't mind someone coming here and going through the process legally to become a citizen. I do mind them coming in illegally and leeching off the country. No easy answers though.

8:37 AM  
Blogger KillJoy said...

I'm gonna be an Answer intern...of course when I leave, my SKS will be smoking, dead bodies will litter the floor and the commies will be dealt with.
There's an easy answer FW.
Oh, and I'll feel better too.

1:33 PM  

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