Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I know its inappropriate to bring up politics in a time of war (dirty dirty roaches) but I have to address the political election year pandering.

Its great that the immigration debate has surfaced. Its finally being addressed! Everyone should be happy that its finally seen the light of day! I grew up 200 miles from the border In NEW MEXICO which is virtually open to hitchhikers, so Im all for walls, or ditches, or National Guardsmen, or vigilantes (I almost signed up with the Minutemen last summer--a well regulated militia doesnt always involve weapons). Unfortunately, absolutely nothing definitive is going to happen this year. Know why?

ITS ELECTION YEAR! This translates to "dont step on any toes", "those 12 million illegals might vote some day", and "my hair looks way better than my competitors, making me ideal for public office". It drives me crazy! I say screw the useless incumbents--especially the neo-cons who arent acting like neo-cons! Why be so stalwart in conservative ideals if youre just going to back down the second someone frowns in your direction? I think I wont vote at all this year. Or Ill vote for the opposing party. I dont agree with them, but it might show the idiot Republicans that if they want to keep their majority, they should continue to please the constituent majority that voted them in! Who cares what the opposing party says? They say it every year!

Now, back to the frontlines. Its like the Tet Offensive in here!


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