Thursday, June 29, 2006

You show em, Tulkas

Ive been thinking alot lately (BIG SURPRISE!) about my generation. I usually mull these things over in my head, but since I started working at UPS and finally have some interaction with some people my age, Ive re-discovered that my generation is a bunch of dissuaded, morally-blank, partying drunks with no future. Im being very positive here. I was thinking, hey, maybe Im just too uptight and need to cut loose a little--get out and mingle and that jazz. Then I hear the guys just TALKING at work about what theyre going to do after work or when they get with their girlfriends and it makes me think that all the disgust I have for myself amounts to nothing compared to these guys. Its grotesque. I dont want any part of my generation.

Ive always liked that picture--its from the Silmarillion, when Tulkas goes and fights Melkor. Its how Ive always felt--me against them, hopeless and positive that eventually Im going to lose and give in and be an idiot like everyone else.

Thats why I like night shift--I dont have to deal with people. its great. I LOVE it. I mind my own business, and everyone else minds theirs. Its the closest I can get to heritdom nowadays. I found out today that theyre moving us to days soon, which really steams my clams. Im the only one who really likes the night, I guess. Its nothing sinister, its just prettier when you can see every ounce of the metroplex off of 635 with the twinkling lights. Its neato.

Isnt that picture awesome?


Blogger rambouillet said...

YO. I love that pic. It's supper fabulous that's for sure. Stirs my insides... wait maybe that was just my lunch...

Love you.

2:00 PM  
Blogger brando said...

dude, that's not tulkas.

I don't have the Simulululu-ion on me, but thats a king-guy from across the sea.

3:17 PM  
Blogger Frustrated Writer said...

I want to see what happens in the next picture...

9:24 AM  

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