Saturday, September 30, 2006

Open the Floodgates

It has been a truly tumultuous week.

My pseudo-boss on night shift has been moved to days, so Ive been "promoted" to a sort of crew leader on nights. Thats all well and good, but pair that with three tests at school, 70 hours of work, and the previously mentioned A (previous posts, I mean) becoming mentally unstable and getting drug tested, Ive been running and havent stopped.

Let me start with the big stuff: A, my co-worker with the drinking problem, and drug problem, and ten thousand other problems (like Ive said before, its not a question of help offered to him, its a question of whether he wants it or not) has been acting very, very peculiar lately. On Tuesday, his serpentine belt went out on his truck, and if you know what that is, then you understand that it disables your vehicle completely. I figured, hey, I havent been nice enough to this guy lately and he could probably use a break, so I try, unsuccessfully, for two hours to put a new one on. He drives a Ford, which has higher pulley tension, while I drive a Chevy, and it was dark, and we didnt have the right basically, the whole mess was overly stressful with A on the verge of mental calamity the whole time. I wind up giving him a ride home, which insures me the next 2 years of A trying to be my best pal. Geez. Im nice and dont blow him off, I just am polite like usual, and Wednesday, when we all get to work, A seems a tiny bit more stable.

Skip ahead to Thursday: I come in at my usual time (3 in the afternoon) to find out that A has already been and gone. Timeline:

7:00 AM: A arrives 5 hours ahead of schedule for reasons no one knows. He immediately goes to the customer service reps present and starts talking about how something big is going to happen and we'll all know it, and we're all going to die, and generally scaring the crap out of the CS rep. He leaves, apparently; from now until 1:00 PM, no one knows what happened.

1:00 PM: A shows up an hour late for work, still speaking "out of the box" as the CS rep put it, and is immediately but gently escorted to the front of the building where security meets him to take him to take a drug test.

That was Thursday. Today, I get a call from my other co-worker, AA, saying that A called him schitzing out of his head and sent him an email that told his whole life story and seemed to read like a suicide note. So, I would ask anyone reading this post to say a prayer for this guy, because he doesnt know which way is up and Im not sure if its him having a mental collapse or its the drugs talking. Either way, God help everyone involved here.


Blogger Alisa said...

oh no. That poor man. Hopefully one day he'll accept the help he's offered to overcome his problems. You do the right thing by being polite to him, and trying to help him.

4:13 AM  

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