Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Regrettably, I have decided to delete my blog (again). At least Im giving fair warning this time, right? I feel that my blog has declined to the point that I can no longer post random thoughts or encouraging sentiments and I only have the clout to post depressing little tidbits no one really wants to read. Maybe some day Ill feel like blogging again ( or have ample reason to); until that time Ill just continue to lurk on the same old blogs--you know who you are--and keep my thoughts in head, unless otherwise prompted. Or not prompted. Whatever.

(insert corny bunk here)

Adios. Ill leave the site up for another week or so then delete it.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Kick in the teeth

Funny how life works, eh?

My mom informed me last week that a friend of mine from high school had come forward asking for prayer at church because of alcohol abuse. No suprise to me; I knew he was a guy who was very, very prone to drink; he entered into rehab and gave me a call this last Thursday. Turns out that its not just alcohol that he has trouble with, but shooting cocaine. For four years. Since I first met him. needless to say, I was a little disturbed by this. My mom also pointed out that at this point (or ever, as his dad put it) that Im his only friend on the planet.

I dont really have any comment on this one.